Slide Monchü x Taylor & Francis Group Launching a podcast When Taylor & Francis Group approached us looking to run a marketing campaign to highlight the stories behind research published in their academic journals, we thought a podcast was the perfect solution. And so, the How Researchers Changed the World podcast was born. January 2019 onwards for Taylor & Francis Group FIND OUT MORE

Slide Your place or ours? Our studio Our home away from home is our studio in Makespace Oxford. Fitting for an organisation who prides itself on being a family of sorts. Monchü is a word from Okinawa meaning: 'the family you choose'. August 2018 for Monchü. ARRANGE A VISIT Makespace, Oxford

Slide Monchü x Pets As Therapy Rebranding a charity Here at Monchü we love working with charities, and Oxfordshire based charity Pets As Therapy are a long-term client. In 2017 they asked us to help them develop their brand as a charity to appeal to a wider audience and grow their volunteer base. With faces like this pug involved, we were only too happy to help. Throughout 2017 for Pets As Therapy FIND OUT MORE Pets As Therapy poster

Slide The latest from the Monchü blog Why register your company name, brand or logo as a trademark? A trademark can be a critical component during the initial set up of your company. In this guide, we’re going to show you what they are used for and how you can apply for your own trademark. July 2020 READ THE ARTICLE